Official Acts List

Get 8 hours sleep

Wake up before your alarm goes off, feeling refreshed

Go to bed ½ hour earlier than usual

Sleep in

Meditate for 20 minutes

Do 10 minutes of breathing exercises

Write in your journal for 20 minutes

Visit a farmer’s market

Try a new fruit or vegetable

Enjoy a favorite food prepared a new way

Go for a walk out in nature

Spend 20 minutes outside enjoying the scenery

Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in one day

Spend 20 minutes doing progressive relaxation

Get a massage

Spend 20 minutes singing your heart out

Have lunch with a really good friend

Laugh out loud for at least 10 minutes

Prepare a meal with family or friends

Order in because you don’t feel like cooking

Have a 10-minute spontaneous booty-shaking dance

Take a 15-20 minute power nap

Enjoy a dinner for one with nice dishes, candlelight and music just for you

Get a manicure or pedicure

Share a fabulous dessert with a friend or loved one

Play with a kitten or a puppy

Take an old dog for a walk

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteer at a home for the elderly

Buy yourself flowers

Get flowers for someone for no reason at all

Write somebody a letter on real stationary

Send somebody dear to you a thank you note

Write a list of 10 things for which you are feeling grateful

Write somebody a forgiveness letter (you don’t have to send it)

Write somebody an angry letter (you don’t have to send it)

Chant for 15 minutes

Spend 30 minutes watching Saturday morning cartoons

Call a friend you haven’t talked to for at least a month

Call a family member and reconnect

Spend 15 minutes gazing at a candle flame or fire

Spend 20 minutes counting clouds

Spend 20 minutes gazing at the night sky

Skip a workout because you need to rest

Move your body just for the joy of it

Watch your favorite movie

Sing along to your favorite song in the car

Try a new activity or class



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